"Connecting Tejanos with their Past and with their Future" Lecture Series

Changing International Borders via the Arts: New World Arts Creations

Saturday, November 2, 2019 10AM

Teatro's Cultural Arts Center


Rey Lujan Gaytan

Rey Lujan Gaytan o Artist-Consultant-Educator for 40 years and Seguin, Texas native, will present a historical account on migration, immigration, and refugee acceptance in the New World Order by presenting and discussing selected artworks available from the public domain. How these groups encountered the New World, now known as the Americas and in particular, Americas’ First Peoples arrival and survival, the in migration of people from the Old World (Eastern Hemisphere) into the Americans and how artworks have recorded the ever changing subject.


A short presentation covering exploration, colonization at specific geographic areas/locations, the establishment of settlements, emerging bilingual-multilingual communities, and how the arts have played a vital part in defining and recording today’s International economies along the US-Mexico border and the world.