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Teatro De Artes De Juan Seguin is bringing together visual traditions of the Dia De Los Muertos that celebrates the memories of family, friends and other public figures. This digital online exhibition was presented in conjunction with the Calaveras y Poesía: Celebrando Día de Los Muertos, a virtual event, on Sunday, November 1, 2020. This visual art edition is in response to the pandemic and ensuring artist of all ages are able to participate in a safe environment. Thank you for visiting Teatro De Artes De Juan Seguin's first ever online Dia De Los Muertos 2d/Sculpture Online Exhibition. The curator for this exhibition is Alejandro Luis Guerra. 

Dia de los muertos_Stephanie Brodene.jpg

Dia De Los Muertos

Artist: Stephanie Brodene, San Francisco, CA

IG: @flywithkindness

Mediums used: Acrylics, Oils, Watercolor Pens and Inks in a hand-cut paper collage. 9"x12". The quote is by Edvard Munch.

Artist Words

I first learned of Dia De Los Muertos when I lived in San Francisco in a primarily Mexican neighborhood. I immediately fell in love with the meaning of the holiday as well as the gorgeous art and celebrations that accompanied it throughout the streets of my neighborhood. The intense beauty of the celebration completely shifted my perspective on the meanings of life and death.

To me, the many colors and decoration are themselves the central mood of the holiday. It’s what makes the celebratory feeling, it adds the light to the darkness of death, it creates beauty in our remembrance, it gives emotional meaning to the entire celebration.


The Marigold

Artist: E.S., Austin, TX

IG: @acute.collage

Medium: Analog Collage 9"x12"

Artist Words

When I think of Dia De Los Muertos, the abundance of marigolds is the first thing that comes to mind. The vibrancy of the colors and decorations of Dia De Los Muertos, specifically the marigolds, focus the mind on celebration instead of sadness.


It can be so difficult to think about a loved one’s life well-lived when you miss them every single day. Dia De Los Muertos is important to me personally as a way to try to celebrate and learn about the wonderful lives of family members I have lost.


Time Window

Artist: Alejandro Luis Guerra, Austin TX

Medium: Ink drawing + photo collage

Artist Words

I wanted to bring together images to symbolize the limited time we have to reconnect with our loved ones that have passed. Our memories are always captured through frames.

Dia de Los Muertos 2020-01.png

Artist: Alexis Garcia & Laura Hernandez

San Antonio TX

Medium: Digital Illustration

Artist Words

Dia de Los Muertos is about taking some time to remember our loved ones who have passed. It's a day of celebrating those who have helped us become who we are and who have paved the way for our individual families.

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