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What does “Noche De Gala” mean??? Noche De Gala literally translates into “GALA EVENING.” On January 11, 1986, Teatro De Artes De Juan Seguin began the “Noche De Gala” tradition and it has been so popular that the community has kept it alive. This year, we will be celebrating the 37th Annual Noche De Gala on Saturday, March, 12 2022 7PM at Texas Lutheran University Jackson Auditorium. General admission tickets are $8 and can be purchased at Teatro's Cultural Arts Center (Mon. - Fri.) 921 W. New Braunfels St. Seguin, TX, Davila's BBQ 418 W. Kingsbury St. Seguin, TX, and Seguin Area Chamber of Commerce 116 N. Camp St. Seguin, TX. Reserved seating tickets are $12 and can be purchased at Teatro's Cultural Arts Center (Mon.-Fri. 4PM-6PM). Reserved seating is limited so purchase your tickets early.


The purpose of the first Noche De Gala event was to offer the community a cultural as well as a social evening of mariachi music and folklórico dancing. This event is consistent with Teatro’s major goals i.e. 1) to promote a better understanding of the Mexican American people and their culture; and 2) to provide the Mexican American people of Seguin, Guadalupe county, and the surrounding communities a responsible as well as creative outlet to participate in and contribute to the social life of the area.


The first three Noche De Galas consisted of local and professional mariachis and ballet folklorico groups performing. Each year the performers performed to a sell out crowd, just as they do today.


The idea of a program “Vocalistas de la Canción Ranchera” (singers’ competition) was conceived by Pete Moreno, Jr. One evening while sitting at the table eating with Gilbert & Glenda Moreno in Seguin, they began to brainstorm about what they could do to further promote mariachi music. Pete said, “If vocalista competitions can take place in other places, there is no reason why we couldn’t have one in Seguin.” “We’ll back you up, we know the music, and you promote it and sell it here in Seguin,” he said.


To date that is what Teatro De Artes De Juan Seguin has done. We encourage anyone who would like to participate in the Noche De Gala, perform in front of a sell out crowd, and be backed by a live mariachi to register to be part of an awesome experience.


Teatro De Artes De Juan Seguin is a non-profit organization that promotes the Mexican-American Culture through the arts. Teatro has been in existence for 37 years and


(1) Strive for excellence with its on-going programs;

(2) Create a positive image of the Mexican-American people;

(3) Keep the culture and pride alive;

(4) Educate young as well as old to accept different cultures;

(5) Support Hispanic and other artists;

(6) Provide opportunities for individuals to develop their artist talents


In the words of the late Pedro Moreno Sr. “Mariachi music is a way for mexicanos to keep their traditions alive through music. You can have fun with it, enjoy yourself, share it with others and teach it to your children.”

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