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"Connecting Tejanos with their Past and with their Future" Lecture Series

Hey, Buckaroo (Vaquero)

May 16, 2020 10AM

Teatro's Cultural Arts Center


Dr. Guadalupe Gorordo

Words that define us as Tejanos and describe some of the early experiences lived in Tejas. Tejanos influence and frame Texas life today — its food, its iconic longhorns and mustangs, the names of well-known cities and rivers, and the lexicon born in the cowboy adventure. So deeply ingrained is the Tejano culture and traditions that we often fail to see it in our own lives. Words are much more than strokes that convey a message. Words have a smell and a taste. Words can be played. Their lyrics speak.


From the lens of a contemporary Tejana y maestra, this conversation will explore the origins and use of many words that began with the first Tejanos and are now part of our history, traditions, arts, and culture.

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