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The second approach to reach our community members, students, artists and all those interested in the Mexican American culture is through our numerous center based program such as  poetry readings; cultural arts exhibits; water color exhibits; pachangas (music, Conjunto jam sessions, dance, open mike, etc.); Texas Lutheran University internships; middle school and high school internships; Tejano and cultural history lectures and demonstrations; community leaders’ meetings; arts and agroecology summer camps; craft & culture session in an after school program; and school children field trips (cultural experiences) to the Center to name a few.


National Association for Chicano and Chicana Studies - Tejas Foco Conference

Teatro has  been a site where many community based and national organizations have gathered to host meeting, events, lectures and more. We provide space for those who share in our mission, vision, goals and are proud to build partnerships with local, state and national organizations. 


 Cultural Arts and Water Color Exhibits

Teatro infuses the cultural arts center not only with the performing arts but visual arts as well. Rey Lujan Gaytan was Teatro's first Visiting Artist in Residency between 1988-1989. When Teatro was ready to open La Galeria it was fitting to invite Mr. Gaytan to be the first artist and educator to display his work at the grand opening.  Mr. Gaytan is a longtime friend and ally of Teatro.


Summer Agroecology Camp

Teatro’s Summer Agriculture and Arts Camp is funded in part by the Texas Commission on the Arts, National Endowment for the Arts, United Way, Guadalupe County Community Symposium (GCCS), Allstate Insurance and LULAC. The camp fulfills Teatro’s mission to promote a better understanding of the Mexican-American culture by the teaching, study, practice, and performance of the arts. The students will also be exploring agricultural traditions of Mexican culture through the use of the LULAC Community Garden located caddy-corner to Teatro. Your nature loving students can look forward to exploring the garden, learning more about food and gardening as well as hearing agricultural experts talk about an array of topics related to agriculture.

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